Friday, February 4, 2011

War is everywhere!

Hey guys, anyone play the Total War series? doesn't matter which one, I personally cannot wait for Shogun Total War 2 to come out. I really love the Total war style of play. If I had to choose I would say Medieval Total War 2 + Kingdoms expansion would be my favorite for play and mods, but Rome Total War would be my favorite for the time period.

Speaking of mods, does anyone know what Warhammer is? Medieval TW has got an absolutely awesome mod called "Call of Warhammer," completely based on the Warhammer fantasy universe. They have done an amazing job polishing the models and working out balancing game play. Downloading it how ever was a complete pain in the ass, but totally worth it. Sadly not all the races are depicted as they are still working on it but its awesome.

So, for you guys if you played any of the Total War series what was your favorite? Didn't play Total War? Then whats your favorite strategy? Don't care for strategy? Well I guess your SOL on this one then.


  1. I love Warhammer based games. I played Warhammer Online for a brief time, sadly that game didn't turn out the way it was said to.

  2. I once played Total War at a friend's house, seemed pretty good. Unfortunately, I don't have it myself.

  3. I've never played Total War, maybe I'll check it out :)

  4. Total War is one of best strategy series ever!

  5. Warhammer was that annoying game my friends would waste their money on, with little models and painting and such. Hence why I only play video games. ONE PURCHASE.